Blockchain technology allows for the users to interact withing a decentralized, trusted, and secure network. This data network acts as a digital ecosystem that brings together a supportive community that is  driven by a common desire to improve pets health.


Illustration famille en promenade avec un chien

Laeka is an  application, connected to an smart collar, bringing together all the stakeholders in animal welfare. Laeka strengthens and redefines the bonds between man and animal with a simple click on your device.

By connecting all the actors of animal welfare, Laeka reinvents the sharing of health data in order to improve the care path and the prevention of possible health problems. 

Illustration d'une femme jouant dans la nature avec son chien
Pet owners
Animal health professionals

The Blockchain  technology allows Laeka to improve communication between all the stakeholders involved in animal welfare, to facilitate the care process, to create intelligent sharing of reliable health data and to develop a loyal community dedicated to animal wellbeing.