Our smart collar Perle : An intelligent device for your pet's welfare!

Our smart collar (It is a multi-sensor GPS tracker, allowing to follow the activity of your pet and multisensorial sensors of environmentals variable based to LoRaWAN wireless network) connected to a health passport, based to a private Blockchain network.



GPS position of the pet.

Accelerometer allowing the detection of falls.

Measures temperature and humidity.

Transmits light and sound signal.

Pedometer to track your companion's activity.

Waterproof and with an autonomy of 5 to 6 weeks.

Your smart collar connected to a health passport

Reliable localization

Image Application Laeka : Scan QR Code
Image application laeka localisation GPS chien ou chat
Application laeka profil animal

Real-time monitoring 


Monitor your pet's activity and health data with the help of sensors integrated in the collar that transmits reliable information directly to your health passport.

A QR Code is used to connect your pet's collar to the application, and share your health passport with your veterinarian.

Immediate geolocation of your animal thanks to an extensive and long-range communication network.

Health record


Laeka is the first shared digital health passport on decentralized network of Blockchain, entirely dedicated to our pets.


By connecting to the application, the health passport stores and grants access to a secure, reliable medical record of your pet’s health in real time. 


In addition, thanks to the sensors integrated into the smart collar, the health and activity data recorded in real time are automatically added in your pet's health passport.


You can also authorize the healthcare professionals to access your animals medical history with your QR code.


Access your pet’s reliable medical history in real time.


View your pet’s medical record updates instantly.



Image de l'application sécurisée

Store your pet's medical information throughout it’s life journey.


Communicate in a private and secure network thanks to the Blockchain network.


Connect your health data with health professionals.


find your pet's medical file and history in one place.