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Un capteur de santé, connecté !

Quand ?

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For who?

Pets Owner

Protect them in a proactive and preventive way! Thanks to our technologies, you have real-time access to all your companion’s health data and GPS position. A peace of mind that has no price!

Animal Health Professionals

Strengthen your relationship with pet parents and their companion! Laeka optimizes your care pathway with by allowing an intelligent sharing of reliable health data.

Pet associations

Create a direct and supportive connection between you and the animal community!

Laeka allows its members to sponsor

dedicated associative projects

to the well-being of our companions.

How ?

An IOT innovation based on the Blockchain, allowing you to regain control over your pet’s reliable health data.

Each animal is identified by an e-health prevention passport, it allows to supervise the well-being of your companion via an intuitive and practical application, allowing to facilitate the path of veterinary care.


Secure and reliable use and payments.

Icône de sécurité
Icôn de transparence


Blockchain technology guarantees the transparency of health data exchange within the

LAEKA network.

Icône de fiabilité du produit


Reliability and traceability of animal health data are ensured by the Blockchain.

Image affichant un smartphone avec une capture d'écran du tableau de bord de l'application Laeka.

Work with ?

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